Who is after Patrick Aziza’s UPU job?

Posted on 13th Mar 2013 under FEATURES.

The recent newspaper interview by a former Deputy President General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Chief Arch. Charles Majoroh amounts to nothing other than sheer campaign for the position of President General


Author: By Eduvie Oteri

The recent newspaper interview by a former Deputy President General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU), Chief Arch. Charles Majoroh amounts to nothing other than sheer campaign for the position of President General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) that will be vacant by December 2013. Of course Chief Arch. Majoroh, like any other Urhobo person, has the constitutional right to aspire to become the leader of the Urhobo ethnic nationality. However, he does not need to deliberately distort or twist facts in an attempt to mislead people in the process.
In the said interview, Chief Arch. Majoroh talked about not demanding any payment for the design and supervision of the Urhobo Cultural Centre at Uvwiamuge, internal threats and challenges to Urhobo political survival, tenure elongation, unwritten understanding about 3 years tenure for every serving President General and “unnecessary maneuvering” for personal gains, among others.
First of all, the generality of Urhobo people are not aware that it was Chief Arch. Charles Majoroh that designed and supervised the building of the Urhobo Cultural Centre at Uvwiamuge. Suffice it to say, however, that the design and supervision of the structure has been criticized by many Urhobo people. One is compelled to completely agree with write ups by one Annabel Ogheneganre in some newspapers that the design of the building does not meet modern architectural attractions which offer high pitch roof to enhance the aesthetic quality of the building. The worst part of the design is the flat roof which sits on the building like a poorly made hat. A visit to the place would show that as a result of the poor design and supervision, the roof is already leaking and the roof steel members are too tiny and already sagging menacingly. It is pertinent at this point to call on the UPU President General, Chief Patrick Aziza to immediately source for funds to replace the badly designed and constructed roof before it collapses. The huge amount spent on the building before it was abandoned for over 5 years was enough to have completed the entire project. It is indeed very unfortunate that our celebrated architect could not give Urhobo value for our money.
It is important to make it abundantly clear, for the avoidance of any doubts, that the UPU constitution provides for two terms of three years and the incumbent President General, Chief Patrick Aziza, has not completed his first term. And there is absolutely nothing preventing him from seeking re-election if he so wishes. It is the Urhobo people that will decide come December 2013 whether Chief Patrick Aziza deserves a second term in the office or not after evaluating his performance during his first tenure. And the mood of the majority of Urhobo people today is that Chief Patrick Aziza deserves a second term based on the fact that he is the only Urhobo leader that has brought unity within and amongst Urhobo people and our neighbours in the recent times. With little funds at his disposal which he generated, Chief Patrick Aziza has commenced completion works at the Urhobo Cultural Centre that was abandoned for over five years.
He is also already reaching out across ethnic divide to ensure that the Urhobo people get their fair share in the Nigeria Project.
On Chief Arch Majoro’s claim that there was an agreement for single 3 years tenure for UPU President General, Urhobo people would like to know where and when such a decision was taken. Perhaps Chief Arch. Majoroh should have to read (if he had not done so) the UPU constitution carefully to avoid attempting to confusing issues. He should know or ought to know that a constitution is the collective wish of the people and it is supreme. It is on record that HRM
Benjamin Okumagba (JP), the late Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Warri, served two terms of three years and an extra two years because of the exigencies of the time. Olorogun Sen. Felix Ibru served one term and did not seek re-election. It is surprising that Chief Arch. Majoroh seems not to know that the UPU is a democratic union governed by a constitution and the President General has no powers under the constitution to handpick a successor.
As things now stand, if there are persons heating up the polity today in Urhobo land, it would stand to reason that Chief Arch. Majoroh is one of them. Apparently, he wants to be the UPU President General at all costs and by all means without election, for selfish and personal interests at the expense of Urhobo unity and progress. Chief Arch. Majoroh seems to be on a mission to fragment and destroy Urhobo unity that Chief Patrick. Aziza has been toiling to build. If Majoroh wants to be the leader of the Urhobo ethnic nationality he should go ahead and submit himself for election during the December 2013 congress. But indications are that Chief Arch. Majoroh would not want to contest for the position since he knows fully well that he will be roundly rejected because he may not be able to meet the criteria for the office. That is probably why he is attempting to be President General through the backdoor, which is not possible.
Chief Arch. Majoroh’s campaign of calumny, blackmail and intimidation will never impress well-meaning Urhobo people that want the unity, peace and progress of Urhobo land. It is illustrative that it was under Chief Arch. Majoroh”s supervision as UPU Deputy President General that his clan, Abraka, was balkanized into two kingdoms? It therefore would not be out of place that for Urhobo to be assured that if Majoroh becomes President General the ethnic nationality will remain as one indivisible and indissoluble ethnic group, he should first go and be able to unite his fragmented Abraka Clan. Charity, they say, begins at home. It is however hoped that Majoroh’s perceived inordinate ambition will not be exploited by the external forces that want to continually divide Urhobo in order to weaken its resolve to make progress.

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George Ohwojeheri . 13 Mar, 2013 at 05:49
This article is a disgrace to all Urhobos but particularly to Urhobo Voice and the author who is unnamed in the article. Why publish such drivel. General Aziza, if he has not commissioned the is article, must now distance himself from it; else he is unfit to lead the Urhobo nationality and must resign. It is an embarrassment to us that some unpatriotic individual has chosen to use this platform to denigrate an Urhobo son who has dedicated himself to the service of the people and by virtue of that has brought shame on all of us. We must all call for proper democratic process in the selection of the next President without any bias or favouritism. Let the discussion begin as to who is best placed to lead us forward.
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